STYR Life App Redefines Corporate Wellness IQ with Free Fitness Trackers and $3 PEPM

Tuesday, October 24th 2017 via PR Newswire

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Oct. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- STYR Life, an AI based platform that aligns fitness trackers, smart devices and a mobile app with company purpose, employee productivity and sickness prevention, has announced its disruptive Corporate Wellness IQ program that includes a free state of the art wearable fitness tracker and $3 per employee per month access to the STYR Life app.

"As insurance rates have increased 213% in less than 20 years, and 29% of employees are leaving their jobs to find better benefits" said Sergio Radovcic, CEO and Founder of STYR, "employers are looking to go beyond traditional corporate wellness to attract and retain talent, while creating employee engagement. Styr Life is setting a new bar for value, innovation and engagement with its Corporate Wellness IQ program debuting this week. "

Through the Corporate Wellness IQ program, which includes the STYR Life app and SHYFT fitness tracker, employees can track and log activity, food, hydration, sleep, mood and more. Employers can create purpose driven challenges and activities with the program that have shown to drive 63% employee engagement in current STYR Life groups.

"As we share this disruptive opportunity with employers and insurers, they are both shocked and thrilled by the price tag, technology, and impact," said Pete Plamann, President and Chief Revenue Officer of STYR Labs. He continues, "We are redefining ROI expectations for benefit and wellness programs on the financial side, while we delight employees with our SHYFT fitness tracker and Life App."

The STYR Life app features our proprietary HDI Engine™ (How Do I), where employees can tell STYR Life what they want to achieve (How do I get in shape? How do I lose weight? Etc.) and STYR Life coaches give "3 Good Ideas" to choose from in achieving said goals. By syncing the SHYFT tracker, and logging food, hydration and more, the HDI Engine artificial intelligence (AI) cross references our database of 250,000 scientific papers, clinical studies and peer reviewed articles to define macro and micro-nutrient deficiencies in the user's diet, and makes food and nutritional supplement recommendations to balance their diet.

"When you consider the fact that traditional wellness programs sell at $14-$20 PEPM on the low end, the STYR Life solution is literally five to seven times less expensive while delivering superior technology to optimize employee experience," stressed Sergio Radovcic, CEO and Founder of STYR.

To learn more, visit the STYR Life Corporate Wellness IQ page to view an on-demand overview of how we do all of this, or contact us directly to start optimizing your employees or client at , and one of our professionals will discuss how we can apply this to your business.

About STYR Labs Launched in 2014, the company's proprietary HDI™ platform cross-references data learned from activity, sleep, hydration and food with 250,000 scientific papers and clinical studies to create an optimized nutritional plan for the individual. Combined with the company's line of wearable devices and the ability to purchase fully traceable, personalized dietary supplements and functional foods directly through the app, STYR offers the first and only closed loop system for personalized nutrition.

Contact: Ian Shiell, 602-345-1990

About STYR Labs

Launched in 2014, STYR Labs' singular focus is to make the world a healthier place through the personalized-nutrition-as-a-service STYR Labs app and devices. With the ability to sync and link devices that track activity, body composition and hydration, coupled with the world's first voice-activated food-logging system that tracks macro and micronutrients per meal, the platform paints a unique picture of every user. Evolving with each user through machine learning technology, the STYR Labs app makes supplementary recommendations that are personalized to the individual, and can be ordered as subscriptions that are then delivered directly to our customers' doorsteps.

Media Contact: Ian Shiell, STYR Labs, Inc, 602-345-1990,