STYR Labs Launches World's First Nutrition Ecosystem, Converting Health and Fitness Data Into Customized Supplements

Advanced Ecosystem Merges Fitness Technology With Health Data to Deliver Personalized Single-Serving Liquid Multivitamins and Protein Blends

Sunday, July 17th 2016 via Market Wired

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - Jul 18, 2016) - STYR Labs launches today to offer health and fitness consumers a unique combination of wireless fitness devices and customized nutritional products to deliver unmatched personalization, convenience and value. The advanced ecosystem of products provides tailored health and nutritional feedback through an activity tracker, wireless scale and free app. STYR Labs collects the data to create personalized multivitamins or protein blends specific to the user's health and fitness goals and needs.

STYR Labs provides Bluetooth™ enabled devices capable of instantly supplying individual motion and body composition data to the app. However, if users prefer to use their own activity tracker or connected device, they are able to do so and can still receive personalized feedback and supplements through the app.

The patent-pending technology within the app collects an array of meaningful data, including motion patterns, behavioral inputs, environmental data, location information and nutritional preferences of each user to cross-reference lifestyle and activity traits. The app contains more than 250,000 scientific studies to provide a personalized approach to fitness through customized and validated nutritional recommendations.

"The health and fitness industry is exploding with innovative activity trackers and applications as consumers become more serious about improving their health. What consumers need most though is a way to optimize performance by converting fitness and nutritional data into actual health products that will impact their goals," said Paul Mackay, COO of STYR Labs. "Consumers want meaningful and validated data they can easily digest and interpret in ways that are personally meaningful to them. We believe natural single-serve vitamins and protein blends that are personalized to you are what the body needs to fuel a healthy lifestyle change or improve athletic performance."

Based on each user's nutritional preferences and recommendations, STYR Labs will deliver single-serve liquid multivitamins or protein blends directly to the home. The supplement blends are natural, GMO, gluten, sugar and dairy-free mixes, expertly crafted based on unique needs. Consumers can purchase a Multivitamin Starter Kit for $68, which includes the activity tracker and 15 vitamin packets or a Protein Starter Kit for $78, which includes the wireless scale and two protein packets.

For more information on STYR Labs or to purchase the Starter Kits, visit Download the STYR app on the App Store or get it on Google Play.

About STYR Labs STYR Labs is an innovative nutrition customization and tracking platform delivering cutting-edge supplements to connected athletes and health and fitness consumers worldwide. Founded in 2014, STYR Labs aims to change today's expansive health and fitness market by converting fitness and nutritional data into actual advice to optimize performance. With STYR Labs mobile app, patent-pending technology and range of wireless devices, the company is closing the loop on all the data that consumers have been collecting and now using it to create unique, healthier nutrition and supplementation products.


Media Contact: Sara Sublousky Uproar PR for STYR Labs

About STYR Labs

Launched in 2014, STYR Labs' singular focus is to make the world a healthier place through the personalized-nutrition-as-a-service STYR Labs app and devices. With the ability to sync and link devices that track activity, body composition and hydration, coupled with the world's first voice-activated food-logging system that tracks macro and micronutrients per meal, the platform paints a unique picture of every user. Evolving with each user through machine learning technology, the STYR Labs app makes supplementary recommendations that are personalized to the individual, and can be ordered as subscriptions that are then delivered directly to our customers' doorsteps.

Media Contact: Ian Shiell, STYR Labs, Inc, 602-345-1990,