STYR Labs Announces STYR 2.0, Adding Revolutionary New Ways to Log Nutrition with Alexa Integration and Image-capture Technology

New voice logging technology and artificial intelligence image recognition combines data from STYR's patent-pending app with more than 2 million food and drink items to record calorie intake

Monday, June 12th 2017 via Market Wired

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - Jun 13, 2017) - STYR Labs, innovative big data nutrition tech company that drives healthy lifestyles, today announces its integration with Alexa and new image-capture technology for voice logging meals and calorie intake within its patent-pending app. STYR's Bluetooth™ enabled devices are capable of instantly supplying individual motion and body composition data to the STYR app, and now users can instantly log meals through Alexa or using their smartphone camera.

The activity tracker and wireless scale share motion patterns, behavioral inputs, environmental data, location information, activity data (steps, calories, distance) and body data (body fat, bone mass, water content) with the app to create personalized nutritional recommendations and send single-serve multivitamins and protein blends directly to the user. The smart bottle also syncs continuously with the app to calculate optimal hydration levels based on a user's unique motion, biometrics and environmental conditions by using an embedded, touch-sensitive display located on the smart cap to track daily water intake and manage his or her electrolyte balance.

With the new Alexa integration and image recognition technology, STYR's app contains groundbreaking food capture technology and artificial intelligence that logs each user's meal, including calorie intake and full nutrient information. The app uses a combination of voice recognition and a database of more than 2 million food items to allow for natural language and image processing of food entries. For example, a user can say, "I had a bagel, two eggs and a latte for breakfast," or simply take a picture of the meal, and the app captures the location, time, and detailed macro and micro nutrients.

"The Alexa integration not only eliminates the hassle of having to remember to log your food intake manually, but it's another step towards our vision of making nutrition data actionable and personalized," said Sergio Radovcic, Founder of STYR Labs. "We're excited to offer the new food capture technology to consumers to provide a more convenient user experience, so they can really see and understand the health benefits of an entire ecosystem of products working together to capture data and create personalized supplements."

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About STYR Labs STYR Labs is an innovation company founded in 2014 on the idea that motion and nutrition are directly related to an individual's healthy lifestyle. The company has patented the process of converting fitness data into nutritional advice by leveraging its mobile app that includes a database of 250,000 research articles, proprietary food logging technologies and gamification, and its own range of low cost IoT devices to create customized vitamins, proteins, electrolytes and meal replacement options. STYR Labs is headquartered in Scottsdale and delivering the platform directly and through strategic partnerships in 110 countries around the world.


Media Contact: Sara Sublousky Uproar PR for STYR Labs

About STYR Labs

Launched in 2014, STYR Labs' singular focus is to make the world a healthier place through the personalized-nutrition-as-a-service STYR Labs app and devices. With the ability to sync and link devices that track activity, body composition and hydration, coupled with the world's first voice-activated food-logging system that tracks macro and micronutrients per meal, the platform paints a unique picture of every user. Evolving with each user through machine learning technology, the STYR Labs app makes supplementary recommendations that are personalized to the individual, and can be ordered as subscriptions that are then delivered directly to our customers' doorsteps.

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