We engineer AI-driven software to improve the lives of health-minded consumers globally


To make the world a healthier place through awesome technology, insightful coaching and incredible content. We focus on complex issues and opportunities facing humanity, like reversing obesity trends or making better babies, and consider how science, artificial intelligence and technology can create better-as-a-service outcomes.


We are a group of people that are not interested in adopting someone’s view of reality just because it is popular. Instead, we question norms, we explore alternatives and celebrate diversity in every aspect of life and work. This enables us to create legendary ideas, products and content with a universal aim of decentralizing intelligence so everyone gets smarter. We do this by having a vision of tomorrow and plans we can execute on today.


There are 5 values that guide life at our company. They are the filter by which our people, products, process and position are judged.

  • Imagination: consider what is possible
  • Creativity: define a new category
  • Equality: everyone deserves access
  • Listening: pay attention and act on it
  • Be Cool: respect, empathy & follow through


The future of proactive health and balance, combining smart technology to track health, in-app coaching to achieve goals and nutrition supplements that are optimized to the needs of each user individually. Vitamins, proteins and electrolytes rooted in science & created using your own motion and biometric data.



First and only modern pregnancy companion, complete with 36 weeks of prenatal vitamins + DHA, an app that coaches you through all aspects of becoming a mom and a wearable pendant that captures your pregnancy moments as it tracks your health.



World's first Bamboo diaper deliver service delivering eco-friendly products to consumers nationwide using AI and mobile-app.


We wanted to styr things up and change the way people manage the four pillars of health: fitness, nutrition, sleep and stress. Our approach to marrying wearable devices, digital intervention and customized supplements & functional foods is changing lives every day. And we're just getting started.


Sergio Radovcic
Founder & CEO
3 x Badwater 135 Ultramarathoner, 10 x Ironman
Ultraman, 10 x 100 Mile Ultramarathoner
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